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Eleven32 Creative is a hub of ministries that think outside of the box to reach a new audience across creative elements and platforms.

Backstage with JamieKBates

Church Eleven32's Pastor Jamie Bates hosts an interview-focused podcast with the goal to learn the "backstage" (or typically unseen) aspects of her guests' lives, and to find the beautifully messy parts of being human. With incredible guests like Rita Springer, Lane Garrison, and our own Pastor Dustin Bates, Backstage with JamieKBates is off to a great start! Catch up on season one and get excited for season two!

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Life Pastors

Join our founding pastors, Pastors Steve and Lisa Collins as they share their wisdom and wit in their goal to help you win in life! On their livestreams they cover a variety of topics like freedom, marriage, and parenting.

Life with Lisa

Hosted by Lisa Collins: Coming this Fall
Streaming on Instagram and Facebook

Thursday Night Lives

Hosted by Pastors Steve and Lisa Collins: Resuming this Fall
Streaming on Instagram and Facebook

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