Hope is Here | Easter Celebration | April 12th

Hope is Here: Easter Celebration

Every year, our church undergoes ten big risks that we feel like God is asking us to take. This year, for 2020, we believe that we are supposed to take twenty risks. We serve a God who is big, and the creator of hope - and with that in mind, we’re launching our ‘Hope is Here’ campaign as one of those risks. This campaign will paint the town with the words ‘Hope is Here’, as we prepare for Easter Sunday at the Allen Event Center. We have 7,000 seats available for your friends, family, neighbors, and members of this community to experience the life-changing hope of Jesus. We look forward to seeing you there, and appreciate you helping us spread the news that can change a city - that hope really is here.

The day before Easter Sunday this year, we will hold ‘The Hunt’. ‘The Hunt’ will be the largest, free Easter Egg Hunt that the metroplex has seen, and will include hot air balloon rides, food trucks, live entertainment, and more. We’re believing this family-friendly event will be a fantastic outreach to help us get the news out about our ‘Hope is Here’ Easter Sunday Service at the Allen Event Center.

We believe in the transformative power that hope can have on a life. This Easter Sunday, we invite you to join us at the Allen Event Center, so you can experience what hope can do for your life.

Interested in Serving?

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