The Internship is a one-year extensive training program for college-aged (17-24 year old)
individuals determined to fulfill the assignment on their life by building a strong, solid
foundation for their walk. A second year is available for continued education
and leadership training.

SEU Partnership

This fall, we are partnering with Southeastern University to create a new kind of learning experience. More information to come, but you can learn more about SEU and apply now!


Designed for you

The first year provides an opportunity to encounter Jesus, to grow in your personal relationship with Him, and to serve His people. Through corporate prayer, daily teachings, and local and national outreach, you will gain the tools to practically live out your faith. You will have the opportunity to learn from experienced ministry leaders from around the DFW Metroplex.

While serving in multiple capacities throughout the ministry of Church Eleven32, you will gain both practical and leadership skills. Apply now to set the foundations for a life propelled by the purpose of Jesus!

The second year builds upon the first with increased leadership responsibility. You will have the opportunity to take ownership in certain ministry elements of The Internship and Church Eleven32.

You will take part in discipleship of both students and first year interns, and participate in weekly leadership training. Apply now to see yourself developed as a mature believer and an experienced leader!



What We Believe

The Internship is not just for those who feel the calling to be involved in full-time ministry by being on staff at a local church. We believe that everyone is called to be in full-time ministry. Whether you feel called to be a pastor, lawyer, teacher or doctor, The Internship has been designed to set you in motion by building a strong, solid foundation for you to build upon the rest of your life. The Internship will help you build this strong foundation and teach you how to navigate the course of your life through practical and relevant teaching, including but not limited to basic doctrine, time management, covenants, relationships and more. When Jesus said in His word that He wanted us to build His kingdom He was commissioning the church to build strong people, leaders and families. Our number one desire is to make you into a world-class leader who will successfully lead others.

Interns receive solid Biblical instruction from a wide variety of dynamic ministry leaders, including Pastors Dustin & Jamie Bates. You will also have the opportunity to receive instruction from many other pastors and leaders located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

You will gain valuable life and ministry experience here at Church Eleven32. Interns receive hands-on training in practical ministry areas that are vital to building local churches. Some of the areas you will serve in are: children’s ministry, worship, multi-media, church administration, youth and college ministries, developing small groups, outreach and missions work.

As an Intern, you will receive the highest quality instruction, personal mentoring and practical hands-on training in a faith-filled and visionary environment. Every component of The Internship is tailored to help you discover your calling, develop your skills and realize your destiny. Your life will forever be changed as an Intern at Church Eleven32.

The Details

First year - $4000 ($375/mo)
Second year - $3400 ($300/mo)


1st Year:
Non-Refundable Application Fee - $100
Initial Deposit - $500 Deposit Due Upon Acceptance (July 1st / Non-Refundable)
First Payment - $500 Due August 1st
Remaining Tuition - $3,000 (Monthly installment plan available)
September - April (Due the 1st of Every Month)

2nd Year:
Non-Refundable Application Fee - $50
Initial Deposit - $500 Deposit Due July 1st (Non-Refundable)
First Payment - $500 Due August 1st
Remaining Tuition - $2,400 (Monthly installment plan available)

A 5% discount will be given to any intern who pays their tuition in full on or before the first day of class.

Make A Payment


Interns follow an academic year cycle, beginning the first week of September and ending in late May. This schedule is subject to change.

Tuesday: 8:00am – 4pm
Wednesday: 1pm – 4pm, 6pm – 10pm
Thursday: 8:00am – 4pm
Sunday: 7:30am – 2:00pm

The Internship was developed to facilitate the training concepts of instruction, mentoring and practical experience. Everything we do is built upon this foundation, and prayer is the mortar that holds it all together.

In the morning you will start your day seeking God in corporate prayer. You will learn to pray with a genuine hunger for God and an authentic passion that goes deeper than religion. As an Intern, we want you above all else to be intimately acquainted with the voice of God. Prayer is where that happens.

Teaching sessions include courses in Biblical content, practical ministry, and relevant life issues. Each class equips Interns with foundational truths that build character and knowledge essential for Kingdom service. Our instructors are proven ministers with a passion to empower you towards a life of intimacy with Christ and Kingdom leaders.

Your afternoons will consist of serving in Ministry Tracks. Whether it’s involvement in planning monthly MVMNT events, adding exciting elements to services or working with the media department, you’ll be involved in the heartbeat of a growing and thriving ministry. We believe that teaching and experience go hand-in-hand, and that the integration of information and application is the key to your success.

Interns will be given the opportunity to serve and reach out to our community on a weekly basis. Whether you’re raking leaves, picking up trash around town or walking in prophetic evangelism, we believe learning to serve is key to our success.

Interns will meet with ministry leaders on a weekly basis. During this time, interns will be challenged and held accountable in many aspects of their life. This time will help interns establish personal and spiritual goals.

Throughout the year, interns will read designated books that will help with their spiritual growth. Students will have the opportunity to present to the class a summarization of a specific chapter and spark conversation through detailed questions.

Interns will participate in weekly team building exercises to help with team unity and bonding.

We realize that interns may need to obtain part-time employment in order to meet basic expenses. Due to the rigorous schedule and commitment required during this season, interns should limit their part-time workweek to 20 hours or less.

Everything we do is built upon the foundation of prayer. During this season, you will learn how to pray with a genuine hunger for God and an authentic passion that goes deeper than religion. You will have multiple opportunities to engage in corporate prayer times with other interns and through the weekly services and events of Church Eleven32. Above all else, we want you to be intimately acquainted with the voice of God. Prayer is where that happens. Each year, Interns say that these moments of prayer make the greatest and most lasting impression on their lives.

The Internship is integrally connected to the vision of the local church. Interns will develop a passion for the local church and gain valuable hands-on experience as they serve in the ministries of Church Eleven32 each weekend. Interns attend one weekend service and serve in a variety of volunteer areas during the other services.

We believe that the Great Commission involves making disciples not only in our city and region, but also to the ends of the earth. God’s mission and vision are global, thus our vision must reflect His. Interns participate in various local outreaches and domestic mission trips throughout the year. In years past interns have gone to Washington State, LA Dream Center, Las Vegas, Tulsa Dream Center, Ensenada Mexico & New York City. Mission trip dates are generally established by winter break.

CALENDAR // 2019-2020

CALENDAR OF EVENTS (subject to change)
1st Day of 2nd Year - August 13th
1st Day of Class - September 3rd
Fall Ministry Trip - TBD
MVMNT Conference - November 1st-3rd
Thanksgiving Break - November 25th-December 1st
Christmas Break - December 13th-January 6th
Church Conference - January 24th-26th
MVMNT Winter Encounter - February 7th-9th
Spring Break Trip - March 9th-15th
Graduation - TBD