We want to create a place for all KIDS to know God. We provide several fun-filled experiences for our Sunday services.


We have brand new infant facilities that are equipped to handle babies 8 weeks through 12 months.

1 Year - Kindergarten

On Sunday mornings we provide our very own bible based curriculum for kids ages one year old through Kindergarten! They have fun learning about the Lord through singing, dancing, games, and crafts. They also learn a new memory verse every month!


On Sunday mornings we have an energy packed KIDS Experience for all of our elementary-aged children. Each week our children experience God through fun and engaging worship, spirit-stretching teaching, and community-building small groups.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Check In

On your first visit you will fill out an information card with your information as well as your child’s name and birthdate. After your first visit you can check your child in on our iPads using your cell phone number. Each time your child checks in they will receive a sticker with their name and classroom on it, as well as a cell phone number where a parent can be reached in case of an emergency. You will also receive a pick up tag with a number that is specific to your child. You will need to present the teachers with the pick up tag at the end of service.

Mother’s Room

At our Allen Campus, there is a Mother’s Room located near the Kids Check In table in the new building. We have the message live streaming as well as a changing table and comfortable rocking chairs.

1132 Kids Youtube

1132 Kids Youtube is a new resource for our kids and parents to find content that doesn't just entertain, but it teaches the Word of God. We believe that there should be a place for kids to learn to know God, and we are creating a space for that purpose. 1132 Kids is also streaming Sunday kids church messages.

1132KIDS | Elementary

A message with Mrs. Amber for our Elementary aged kids!

1132KIDS | Preschool

A lesson with Mrs. Lexi for our Preschool children!


1132KIDS | Curriculum

"Thank you so much for your interest in our curriculum. We believe that children are capable of Big Things and our lessons reflect that. Each series is designed to both encourage and challenge children to be what God has called them to be."