Love Our City

Love Our City is an opportunity to serve our community in multiple different ways such as gardening, helping our elderly, loving on uncared for animals, distributing food to the less fortunate, and simply being Jesus in our city.

Outreach Ministries

If you would like to serve in a greater capacity at these ministries feel free to reach out to the contact provided and be sure to identify yourself with Church Eleven32.

Send Hope
Tom: (972) 965-6534

Minnie’s Pantry
Lynette: (972) 596-0253

Trusted World
Kim: (469) 712-6176 Or Michael: (469) 236-2118

Christian Care Senior Living
Veronica: (972) 880-5220

AMA Food Pantry
Gwen: (469) 463-4539

Amazing Grace Pantry
Karen: (903) 456-8592

George W Bush Elementary
Susie: (469) 237-8427

Jay: (972) 351-6769