Next Steps

All the steps you need to get further connected with Church Eleven32.

Next Steps

Did you recently visit us at one of our campuses or online? If we missed the opportunity to connect with you on the Sunday of your visit, please text “Connect1” to 94000 or fill out the form below, we would love to connect with you to answer any questions you may have about our church, our experiences, and our beliefs.

Connect Card

We believe that when we decide to become followers of Jesus Christ, it is the greatest decision we can make in our lives, but we also believe there is more available to us spiritually after that decision. Our mission as a church is to provide a place that all people can know God. Whether we made a decision to follow Jesus Christ today or made that decision 70 years ago, there is always more to God, which means knowing God is an ever-evolving process. It is our desire to aid you on your spiritual journey.

Make a recent decision to follow Jesus Christ? We want to celebrate with you, but also help get you connected, please text “Yes1” to 94000 or fill out the form below, we have some resources we would like to get to you that we know will help with next steps.


We believe and practice water baptism by immersion after repenting of one’s sins and receiving Christ’s gift of salvation. If you would like to get baptized, find out more here.

Get Connected

Here we believe that life happens in circles, not in rows! Staying connected to a church and to people is everything, and we have several ways for you to get plugged into the church and into community.


Every season we launch groups! SZN3 Groups launch August 30th, if you're interested in leading a group, find out more information on our groups page.


Interested in taking your spiritual life to new heights? 1132U is an opportunity for you to do that! A 9-week program that is designed to challenge you and encourage you, to raise you to new levels.

Connect Class

Connect Class is our pathway to membership, but also to growing in your relationship with God. If you're interested in becoming a member of Church Eleven32 or joining a lead team, this is your next step in that direction. Connect Class will resume live online on April 5th with Connect Class 101.
Connect Class


We would love the opportunity to pray with you! Submit a prayer request and our team members will be agreeing with you.

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