1132 Kids Resources

Activity Sheets

In addition to the powerful messages and fun videos found on the 1132 Kids Youtube Channel, we want to provide activity sheets that further pursue the goal of helping kids learn to know and love God. Below you'll find the activity sheets that accompany the kids church Sunday Messages.

Elementary Activity Sheets

Nursery-Kinder Activity Sheets

Ideas for Quarantine

Running out of ideas for the kids while in quarantine? Here's our list of fun things to do while at home!

20 Things To Do

Youtube Channel

1132 Kids Youtube is a new resource for our kids and parents to find content that doesn't just entertain, but it teaches the Word of God. We believe that there should be a place for kids to learn to know God, and we are creating a space for that purpose. 1132 Kids is also streaming Sunday kids church messages, accompanied by an activity sheet as a resource for an after service activity.