Groups at Church Eleven32

Life happens in circles, not rows! As we grow larger we must grow smaller.

2020 Groups

Groups are on winter break! SZN1 of 2021 will launch February 7th, 2021! If you would like more information about groups you can fill out this form and our Group Leadership Team will reach out to you!

Group Inquiries

Interested In Becoming A Group Leader?

Group Leader Applications are available now! Fill out the form below and you will be contacted about the status of your group
in January, 2021.

To become a group leader you must:
1. Complete all 4 Connect Classes
2. Become a member of Church Eleven32
3. Apply to become a group leader
4. Complete Group Leader Training

Leader Application

Sunday Worship Experiences

To learn more about the church, Sunday Worship Experiences, times and locations and our team head over to our about page.

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