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Life happens in circles, not rows! As we grow larger we must grow smaller.

SZN 2 Groups are launching June 12th!

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Interested In Becoming A Group Leader?

Group Leader Applications are open for 2023 SZN 2 Groups, which kick off the week of June 12th!

To become a group leader you must:

1. Complete all 4 Connect Classes
2. Become a member of Church Eleven32
3. Apply to become a group leader
4. Complete Group Leader Training

Looking for Growth?

If you’re looking for groups specifically for spiritual growth, register for 1132U, which launches June 12th! This is our program to take your spiritual life to new heights. Join with others seeking growth in classes from our pastors and leaders and take part in the discussion groups. Find your people and find your new levels.

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Looking for Community?

Find a group that you can connect and do life with! We have groups for all walks of life, based on interest or community. Groups are now open & we invite you to sing up!

Groups Inquiries

If you would like more information about groups this SZN, click below and our Group Leadership Team will reach out to you!


Lead a group

If you’re interested in investing into the lives of people by leading a community group for your campus this SZN, click below!


Sunday Worship Experiences

To learn more about the church, Sunday Worship Experiences, times and locations and our team head over to our about page.

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