Pre-marital Counseling

Thank you for your interest in pre-marital counseling. We believe it is significantly important to seek Godly counsel as you and your fiance look to journey into the rest of your lives together.

Pre-marital Counseling Inquiry

We know relationships can be daunting, but they don’t have to be. We believe in a healthy mix of spiritual and practical principles that will help you and your spouse understand how God designed marriage, the roles of the husband and wife, and some tools that will help you ensure you both understand well what you bring to the marriage and how to safeguard from external influences and spiritual attacks from the enemy.

Our pre-marital counseling is structured over 6 weeks and is largely based on the SYMBIS curriculum. SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) involves a detailed pre-assessment, taken individually, and then through elaborate algorithms, is able to identify personality characteristics, relational expectations, communication styles and tendencies, and many more traits that impact marriages.

You can read more about SYMBIS on their website

At Church Eleven32, we have mentor couples that facilitate the sessions. Once a couple is ready to move forward, an initial meeting is scheduled with the Pastoral Care Pastor and thereafter the couple is connected with a mentor couple that will facilitate the sessions. Meeting times and locations are worked out between you and the mentor couple. We do expect that you will prioritize this time. The meetings do not have to be over consecutive weeks, but we strongly recommend no more than two weeks between sessions.

Each couple will be required to pay the $35 fee for the pre-assessment and will also be responsible for the cost of his/her workbooks (~$20 for both).

If you are interested, please complete the form.

We are excited about your journey and honored to be part of the preparation for the Godly marriage that we know you will have!

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