Staff Stories – A Man Behind The Scenes

Staff Stories- A Man Behind The Scenes

What does true servitude really look like? How does one wear humility as easily as if it were another piece of their wardrobe, or perhaps an accessory? Would you know humility if you saw it, if it looked you in the face on a sunny Sunday morning with a smile, and greeted you with a handshake or a hug?
At Church Eleven32, no shortage of hard work or hospitality goes into making every Sunday morning a success; no sacrifice spared to ensure warmth and hospitality are experienced by every newcomer and regular alike, while we continue to meet at our interim location. But even amongst the ever-dedicated staff and smiling volunteers who congregate each week to make the vision possible, one man stands out particularly well, even and in spite of his commitments behind the scenes, and that man is Ryan Bates.
“[I serve] because if everything we do is to bring glory to God then why would I want to do anything but work hard and serve to advance the kingdom of God in every way I can. Also I don’t really know any other way to work,” Ryan says.
Whether it’s lighting, sound, video, stage design, or all things media; from setup to teardown, his leadership is greatly appreciated, guidance required, and his positive attitude and work ethic always refreshing. Simply put, Ryan Bates is the brain behind the operation and an irreplaceable part of the core leadership here at Church Eleven32. When the Sunday morning crew comes in each week at the painfully early hour of six am, each one of them is met with the same kindness and patience of a leader behind the scenes, whose focus on keeping the vision going reminds and inspires them to go above and beyond in service.
When asked why he loves working with media, Ryan said, “My favorite thing about working with media is the ability to capture a message and distribute it world wide.”
Being around Ryan Bates, it can be difficult not to catch his infectious sense of commitment to excellence, which he certainly embodies in all things pertaining to serving the House.
If you ever find yourself blessed with the opportunity to sit in on a group discussion with Ryan Bates, or to have a one-on-one meeting with him (should you be so lucky) apart from a Sunday morning, you would find that he is every bit the kindhearted, wise, and practical individual in his personal and spiritual life as well. Never ceasing in his optimism, encouraging words, and patience beyond human capacity, Ryan Bates lives a life poured out for people.
“The community, passion and devotion of the [Church Eleven32] staff is like nowhere I’ve ever seen. It makes coming to work something I look forward to. I don’t dread Monday’s because there’s no place I’d rather be,” Ryan says.
Next time you see him around, no doubt tackling the business and increasing responsibilities that come with making Church Eleven32 a reality, take a moment to thank him and express your appreciation. Whether you know it or not, your life and experience here has been affected by this man of God, and his devotion to serving the House we encounter God in every week. Let it be said by the attendee, student, parent, staff or intern, that Ryan Bates is a man that knows God, is strong, and does great exploits for the Kingdom.


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