Just a dream away.

Laura & David

Laura and David met while in college, fell in love and got married. Your classic love story? Pretty much. But their life is far from ordinary.

Laura and her husband, David are some of the faces you will see at The Harvest. You might see David playing the keyboard in the band, or Laura greeting guests and making people laugh. Laura is one of the funniest people you will meet and has a charismatic personality and is always ready to share a funny story. David has the greatest laugh, is a great listener and is one of the most hard working people. Both of them have a passion for people and a passion for serving.

“My husband, David and I, both love The Harvest, and the community we’ve found here,” says Laura. “We love that the environment pushes us to dream big dreams, and to chase those dreams.”

If you know the Pitcher’s you know how much they love traveling. Since their marriage in 2013, they have made it their mission to travel the world together. They have been to Disney World, Disneyland, Oahu, California, New York, Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Miami, the Bahamas, London, Paris, and Rome. And this is just the beginning.

“One of our dreams,” Laura says “which was born at The Harvest, was to start a travel website together.”

And they did. The Bucket List Narratives, the name of their website, documents all of their favorite places, pictures, activities and food.

“Laura and David love traveling more than almost anyone I know,” says good friend, Shelbie Bartok. “As long as I have known Laura, she has always loved Disney World and traveling and had such huge dreams to travel.”

As a couple they have never wanted a “normal” life, they have always wanted to go on adventures. Their dream for adventure continues to grow, and now they get to share their adventures with others.

“We had the idea to encourage other people to live adventurously,” Laura explains.

“We want to show them how easy it is to to turn their somedays, into tomorrows.”
The website has become a great success and they hope to continue it in the future.

“We adopted the motto, ‘tomorrow is just a dream away’, and have had an incredible time turning the website into a job we love.”

“Our next big adventure is a trip to Europe next summer,” Laura says. “We know it will include the Greek islands, and our first international Disney Park (Disneyland Paris), and most likely the small town Annecy, France, near the Alps. We are really excited.”

To follow their story and adventures, go to http://www.thebucketlistnarratives.com

I learned to dream bigger dreams for my life, and was taught practical practices for my life to make those dreams a reality.


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