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1132U is an intense learning environment to take your relationship with God and with others to another level. It is a 9-week discipleship program that is split up into two different LVLs. LVL 01 covers spiritual growth, prayer life, how to study the Bible, relationships, and more. LVL 02 covers leadership, how to take authority, how to make Godly decisions, and more. Each participant will start by completing LVL 01 before moving on to LVL 02. We are offering 5 different Electives: Foundations, Parenting, Men's Discipleship, Women's Discipleship, and Prayer LVL 01.

My name is Judy Yang and I’ve completed 1132U discipleship program LVL 01 & LVL 02. The courses have been life changing. I got to learn so much about God, Jesus and my hunger for Him, trust, love, understanding grew immensely. I wish there was church everyday! I also gained new family members through our fellowship in the small group sessions that we break out in. I’m looking forward to next season to grow some more and to meet more like minded sisters that God sets me up with.

- Judy Yang

My name is Vanessa Brown, and I’ve completed the Bible Study Elective at 1132U. This experience has been unlike any other, with Pastor Jamie’s ability to breathe life into scripture, providing depth and clarity that has profoundly deepened my understanding. Each week, I find myself eagerly awaiting the next session, making it the highlight of my week, as I’ve never been more excited in a Bible study before.

- Vanessa Brown

Melissa and I have been in involved for a few seasons now. Being part of this program has really pushed us to be more intentional with our faith but also with the people who we do our classes with. It wasn’t too long ago where we simply went to a Sunday church service and felt that we didn’t have any real connections or the sense of community and we simply felt unseen or unheard. 1132U has been one of the biggest opportunities Church Eleven32 has been able to provide us an environment to grow and develop ourselves, develop our spiritual walk, but also, the chance to build a community within our groups and friends. It has truly been a blessing to be able to have relationships across all campuses. We are thankful for 1132U to have received to build amazing relationships!

-  Melissa + Dario Gutierrez


1132U SZN2: Monday, June 3rd - Monday, July 29th

Foundations Class at Church Eleven32


START HERE! Foundations is an introduction to our foundational doctrines at Church Eleven32 and will be a deep dive into our “What We Believe” webpage. This class is great for new believers or for people who want to gain confidence in the basic doctrines of Christianity. If you don't know where to start, start here!

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Church Eleven32 Spiritual Life Class

LVL 01

LVL 01 is taught by our Church Eleven32 staff and is an introduction in how to practice and grow in your Christian faith. This class includes teachings on how to read the Bible, personal prayer, thought life, and how to know God more intimately. You will create new friendships, find community, and deepen your relationship with Jesus.

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Spiritual Life Class at Church Eleven32

LVL 02

LVL 02 is taught by Church Eleven32 staff and is designed to teach you how to influence others with your faith. It will teach you practically how to be a leader and challenge you to influence those around you. Make sure you complete LVL 01 before you sign up for LVL 02.

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Mens Discipleship at Church Eleven32

Men's Discipleship

Our Men's Discipleship class is designed to take the men of Church Eleven32 to the next level in their spiritual journey with Christ. They will focus on being an active spiritual leader and taking responsibility for the areas God has entrusted them with. This SZN will emphasize marriage and godly relationships.

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Women's discipleship at Church Eleven32

Women's Discipleship

Women's discipleship fosters a supportive community where women can grow together in God, deepening their understanding of the faith and strengthening their relationship with God. Through study, prayer, and community, women empower one another to live out their faith authentically and be impactful in their daily lives.

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Parenting - embrace the season

Parenting is a process of imparting principles into the lives of our children that build character and prepare them for their future. It is an incredibly high calling that produces great joy but also presents some great challenges. We will discuss the principles necessary to “train up” children to be morally responsible adults.

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Prayer LVL 01

Join us at the church for our Prayer LVL 01 class, where you can learn the fundamentals of prayer in a welcoming environment. Explore the power of prayer and deepen your spiritual walk with God with a supportive community!

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1132U The Journey to Hear

The Journey to Hear was written by Pastor Dustin Bates to help people learn to hear the Voice of God and become more in tune with how He is moving and speaking in their life. If you are ready to grow in your faith and incorporate the daily discipline of hearing the voice of God, this is the class for you!

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1132U Bible Study | SZN1

Unlock the transformative power of Scripture with this new class that’s taught by Pastor Jamie Bates. It’s designed to equip you with practical tools and insightful methods for a meaningful journey of God's Word, cultivating a deeper connection to The Word.

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If you’ve completed both LVLs of 1132U, we would love for you to come back and lead the huddles of new leaders going through the 1132U program! If you’re interested, let us know by filling out the form below.

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AGE REQUIREMENTS: You must be at least 12 years of age to register.

COST: LVL 01 – $50 | LVL 02 – $50 | Prayer LVL01 – $50 | Prayer LVL02 – $50 | Men’s and Women’s Discipleship – $20

LOCATION + TIME: This season, 1132U classes will be in person at our Allen Campus on Monday evenings at 7PM-8:30PM.

SZN3 | Monday, Sept. 11th – Monday, Nov. 6th

CONNECT CLASS: Completion of all four Connect Classes is now required before beginning 1132U!


If you’re interested in joining us for the next SZN of 1132U but have more questions, let us know and we’ll get back to you.

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