Church Eleven32 Requests

Please fill out all of the forms that apply!

Childcare Requests

Childcare Requests – 1 Month minimum
This from is for if you are hosting an event, service or gathering and will be offering childcare.

Childcare Request Form

Email Requests

Email Requests – 2 Week Minimum
This form is for any standalone email requests or adding to the weekly church newsletter.

Email Request Form

Graphic Request

Digital Media – Design time: 2 Weeks minimum
Examples of this would be an in service announcement slide, graphic for a FB event or anything that does not require printing

Printed Media – In hand date: 1 Month minimum
Examples of this would be touch cards, window clings, parking lot signage, retractable banners, etc.

Please fill out the following form with as much detail as possible for all graphic needs.

Graphic Request Form

Guest Experience

Guest Experience – 1 week.
For any event that needs guest experience assistance.

Guest Experience Form

Guest Speaker Booking

Guest Speaker Request – 2 Months minimum (6 Months recommended)
This form is for if you would like to bring in an out of house/guest Speaker for your event (service, retreat, etc.).

Contact with any questions.

Book Guest Speaker

Marketing Request Form

Marketing Requests – 1 Month minimum
If your event or ministry needs marketing and promotion, please fill out this form to request marketing outside of social media. Not all marketing requests are guaranteed.

Marketing Request Form

Merchandise Request Form

Merch Requests – 1 Month minimum
This form is to be used for quotes and orders only. If you need your item designed that will require a graphic request prior to filling out this form.

Merchandise Request Form

Pastor Dustin and Jamie

Speaking, Teaching or Recording Request – 1 Month minimum
1 month is the minimum and not all requests are guaranteed.The further in advance the request is made the better.

Book Pastor Dustin or Jamie

Photography Requests

Photographer Requests – 1 Month Minimum
This form is for requesting photographers for events, groups, etc.

Photography Request Form

Social Media Request

Social Media Requests – 2 Weeks minimum
This form is to be used for all posts, stories, reels, events, etc.

Social Media Request Form

Sunday Order Requests

Order of Service Requests – 1 Month minimum
This form is for if you would like to request something to be added to the Sunday order of service (i.e announcements, elements, or videos for Sunday services).

Sunday Order Request Form

Tech Support Request

Tech Support Request – 1 Business Day
This form is for issues with a church issued device or equipment.

Tech Support Request Form

Video Request

Video Requests – 1 Month minimum
All in service videos will need to be approved by Pastor Dustin a minimum of one week before they are desired to be played.

Video Request Form

Video Request (Personal)

Personal Videos – 1 Business Day
A personal video is something you have recorded and edited on your own but need it uploaded to be sent out in an email or Clearstream text.

Personal Video Request Form

Website Request

Website Updates – 1 Week minimum
This timeline applies to all edits, updates or revisions

New Webpage – 1 Month minimum
This applies to any page that you wish to be published that does not currently exist and needs to be designed.

Website Request Form

Worship Request Form

All request must be submitted one month prior to the day of the event. All request made after the deadline are subject to denial.

Worship Request Form